Researched and tested, Revision has clinically proven high quality products
This is a high quality skin care line with products from facial wash to sunscreen to leading eye cream, and much more
Alexandria can guide you to what product will suit your needs

Elta MD
Superior Physician trusted sun protection line.
We offer several different types of high quality sunscreens at an affordable price to fit all skin types and lifestyle needs.

Antifungal treatment
Can only be purchased in a physician office
Treats Athlete's foot and Ringworm
Easily applied foam
Penetrates, calms itch, softens and soothes skin.

Formula 3
Antifungal treatment
Can only be purchased in a physician office
Treats Athlete's foot and Ringworm
Easy treatment that is painted onto the affected area

Botanical Science
Very affordable, effective product line for your skin care needs
We have a wide array of products from facial cleansers to anti-aging creams.
Ask Alexandria to help find the products best for you.

The Clarisonic is a Sonic cleansing system to gently clean and exfoliate the skin.  It helps create smoother, cleaner and more radiant skin. It also aids in the absorption of any topical products.
The Clarisonic for the body can also help significantly with Keratosis Pilaris

Fake Bake
Alternative to outdoor tanning
You can now have a sun kissed glow from this wonderful self tanner
No streaks, no mess, and extremely easy to apply

Also known as the Five Minute Face Lift
This is a hand held machine applied to the face to tighten and firm face through micro-current technology
Book Alexandria for a free demonstration


Dermatologist recommended products that are useful for sensitive skin, eczematic skin and thick, rough skin.  We stock various products to suit your needs, without having to go to the drug store.

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Effectively immediately - if you need any products, please call us at 352-350-5230.  We will take your order, your credit card information and prepare your order.  We will package it and have it ready so that you can pick it up at our door.   Thank you for your help in keeping all of us safe during this period of time. 

Dr. Kay is now offering Botox and fillers as well as ear piercing.  Sarah Yoho, PA is now offering cosmetic injectables at our Mt. Dora office.  Call and book an appointment.  352-350-5230